Positive perspectives for Italian wines in Russia

Positive perspectives for Italian wines in Russia

The director of AlcolExpert group Yuri Yudich on some particularities of the Russian wine market
November 20, 2015

Russian market is clearly suffering, however, Italian wines haven’t gone away. Thought, economic indicators showed a negative trend what concerns  export – in the first half of 2015, Italy exported to Russia by 36% less wine than the year before, – according to the Italian institute for foreign trade (ICE), Italy contained its leading position among wine exporters with 57 million euro export to Russia in January-July 2015 (-26.8% compared to the same period of 2014).

“The context is still positive for Italian wines as both Russian consumers and importers appreciate your [Italian] wines,” the director of AlcolExpert group and the wine expert Yuri Yudich said, adding that there are good perspectives in this regard. He believes that concerns of  Italian producers  exporting to the East could be soon shifted. “Before choosing a wine, Russians choose the country. Italy is very popular and it has always been – explains Mr Yudich. – most appreciated regions are Piedmont and Tuscany.”

What’s more, there are great perspectives in Russian regions what concerns wine consumption. Even though, there are some complications with logistics, I’m sure it could be very profitable to develop wine culture in the country.”

Mr Yudich has also disclosed the pivotal moment for Russian consumer – the price. The same wine that you sell for five euros in Italy won’t cost less than 15-20 euros in Russia. And that’s a considerable sum.” Therefore, to export to Russia, apart from big investments, one should consider this particularity. However, according to the expert, it’s worth the effort.