Il progetto


Wine Strategies is a project created by Eurasiatx and Business Strategies and dedicated to wine. The platform contains all the necessary information and news one should know when looking into exporting to the East. In particular, it’s aiming to help Italian companies to successfully position on Eurasian and Asian markets.

Italian wine branding in Russia, as well as in other Eurasian countries, largely depends on the changing regulations and rapid growth of this developing markets. Furthermore, there are several limitations, recently introduced in Russia that make it a bit more complicated to promote alcoholic beverages to final consumer.

All the information and services provided by Wine Strategies will help to identify best options for planning and implementing your promoting strategies, eliminating risks related to lack of adequate knowledge of the market.

The project has been created in cooperation with Business Strategies, leader among consulting companies for the development of effective strategies to do business abroad and enter foreign markets.