Chianti pain cry: alarm for US and China promotion

Chianti pain cry: alarm for US and China promotion

Italy risks being excluded from the funds for five years
April 24, 2018

Stop for promotion in key countries like the US and China for the next 5 years. Wine Italy risks being excluded from the OCM funds (Common Wine Market Organization) and therefore from the European promotion programs abroad, for the next five years. Guilt of Spain and fault of Brussels that has accepted an interpretation of an absurd rule (requested by Spain): in the planning 2018-2023 the European wine producers will not be able to access promotion programs in those countries where activities have been carried out for five years . The Wine Chianti Consortium launched the alarm today. “Madness – says Giovanni Busi, president of the Consortium. “Not being present in important and emerging markets over the next few years means losing the opportunity to consolidate the presence of Made in Italy in areas where we are affirming ourselves: an incalculable damage to the sector”. This cold shower comes just in the golden age of Italian exports: Italian wines outnumber France in the US and Spain in China, ranking first and fourth respectively.

But perhaps the fault is not only of Spain but also of Italy that has done little or nothing to counter this interpretation according to which in Italian foreign markets Italian wine enters just the time of a blink of an eye. “It is a fundamental moment for the export of Chianti and in general for all Italian wine – explains Busi. The planning must be done in the long term, well over five years. In a country like China, in five years you do not build anything, you need five more, if not 10, to affirm our product in a definitive way “.

Preventing access to European funds and therefore blocking promotion in these countries means taking responsibility for a decline in sales and a defeat for Made in Italy “.